Welcoming Dr Alex Lapenga to KENOLTA

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the start of 2023 with the arrival of Dr Alex Lapenga from Cairns to Kenolta.

Dr Alex is a very experienced practitioner with over 12 years of clinical practice in Queensland across diverse areas including: Skin Cancer Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Mainstream General Practice and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

Dr Alex is a Certified Sclerotherapist with special interest and skills in Non-surgical treatment of venous diseases of the lower limbs, particularly Varicose Veins. He is also experienced in using lasers to treat a range of vascular skin conditions. For more information, visit canberraveins.com.au

His clinical experience and skills are valuable additions to our team.

At Kenolta, our team’s commitment to delivering Personalised, Holistic Care with Excellence remains unwavered.

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