COVID Vaccination for Children 6months – 4yrs

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) have recently given the green light for the vaccination of eligible children aged 6months – under 5yrs against COVID-19.

Vaccination for this cohort will officially commence on Monday 05 September 2022.

Vaccine eligibility for this age group is currently limited to children with severe immunocompromise, disability, and those who have complex and/or multiple health conditions which increase the risk of severe COVID-19.

For more information on the current eligibility criteria and general advise, follow this link. We will continue to monitor advise on these eligibility criteria and provide updated information if/when required.

KENOLTA Medical Centre will be 1 of 4 primary care providers in the ACT to onboard COVID vaccination rollout for this important population cohort.

With over 11,000 COVID vaccine doses already administered through our vaccination hub, our Team is well equiped to draw from valuable experience as we look forward to continuing service to our community in this space.

If your child or anyone you know meets the vaccination eligibility criteria listed here, they can now be booked into our 6mo-4yr old Moderna Hub for their vaccination by following this link

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